SEO COURSE Part 3: Setting Expectations in SEO Plans

Search engine optimization is a process that requires a lot of work, time, and patience. The reason is that SEO is a little different than other marketing strategies. Understanding these differences is crucial to stay on track and run a successful SEO campaign. Depending on your websites’ location, SEO can be a long-term process that takes approximately 4-6 months to pay off. 

Any company that promises to make your business number one on Google in one day is probably scamming you. 

The following processes cannot be done in one day: 

  1. Developing a strategy
  2. Researching Keywords 
  3. Analyzing your goals 
  4. Creating valuable and useful content
  5.  Implementing relevant links and credential (Authoritative Signals)
  6.  Solving any technical issues with your website. 

SEO is not a ‘one fits all’ project. Search engine algorithms are always changing to improve the experience of their users and advertisers, so you have to keep up to date with their standards. 

In addition to this, keep in mind that search engines don’t necessarily interact with your website right away. It takes time for them to discover changes to your content (i.e., new links, photos, videos ), and to understand the overall structure and performance of your website. 

It takes search engines, like Google, longer to add all of those factors to their index for them to run against their algorithms and reevaluate your quality, relevance, and authority. All of this is done before those changes are reflected in their search results. 

But like all things, great work brings great results. It is proven that the top results on Google take 30% to 35% of the clicks. That means that if your key phrase is searched 1,000 times a month- 300 – 350 people could be potential customers! 

Finally, don’t forget that SEO is not just about optimizing for search engines, but also for people. In the end, the ones who buy from you are real humans. Search engines know this, and they have their ways of measuring and knowing if people consider a website useful. Search engines analyze aspects such as the duration on the site or interaction with the site.

For example: Building your expertise, creating quality content that is useful and interesting to people, while at the same time optimizing for search engines will lead to more and more people finding your site. 

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