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Businesses typically don’t track how their potential clients search for them on the internet and which keywords they use during that search. However, the results on the first page are businesses that prioritize SEO and Keywords in their marketing strategy. Therefore only companies that implement SEO and Keywords will be seen by potential customers first.

We are QA Digital Advertising

a marketing company based in Ellicott City, Maryland. We specialize in helping businesses of all sizes increase their brand exposure through our web positioning services. With us, you can find the perfect marketing ally that will help you improve your sales and dominate the market.

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How do we help your business improve?

List of steps to improve the SEO of your business in Ellicott City, Maryland:

The first step to improving your business’s SEO is understanding which of your services is most sought after and knowing how your clients search for these services.

Analyze which city you want to target with SEO and create content around it. In our case, we know that most clients search for us as: “Local Maryland SEO company near me.”
You can be sure each industry has a specific way of being searched, such as: “Remodeling company in Ellicott City near me,” “Cleaning company in Silver Spring near me,” etc.

Structure or restructure the architecture of your website’s content. It’s essential to understand the keywords potential clients use and learn to incorporate them effectively. On top of that, you need to bring it all together with a great visual design.

Program and incorporate the meta descriptions and tags on the website’s backend. Remember that for a page to appear as a top search result, you also have to make it easy for the search engine’s AI robots to audit. In other words, you need to have excellent content directed towards humans and apply SEO strategies for the robots that look at your website.

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Do you want to
increase your sales?

The quicker you contact us, the faster we can help you appear as a top search result on Google.

Local SEO company in Maryland

SEO Marketing services
for companies in Ellicott City, Maryland

We make it easy for you to appear as the firts result on Google

Website SEO optimization & Redesign

The “Website SEO Optimization & Redesign” plan is our most complete service when it comes to SEO. Our SEO team analyzes your website first to create a positioning plan. This plan aims to create a synergy between the design and content, increasing reading time for users because the content is not only appealing, but insightful-Google loves relevant content! Lastly, this plan includes auditing the backend of your website to make sure everything is optimized for positioning–elements like meta-tags, H1, snippet titles, and much more.

Single page SEO optimization

As demonstrated by its name, this service is focused on optimizing a single internal page of your website using the best SEO strategies. Therefore, this plan may be an excellent match for your company because it allows you to grow at your pace—moreover, this plan is more cost-effective than paid Google Ads or Facebook Ads in the long run. Once you stop paying for Ads, you stop being the first result; with SEO content, it lives online forever as long as your domain is up.

Website SEO optimization

The SEO Optimization plan is focused on working with your current structural design. First, we review the content and programming to understand if the most effective strategies have been employed. Once we finish our analysis, our content creation and SEO experts incorporate or restructure the website content to improve the website’s SEO.

Google My Business optimization

Congratulations! If you’re interested in this service, it’s because you know that appearing on the first page of results isn’t enough. You understand the importance of offering an excellent impression on your Google My Business since your listing is essentially your first impression. Conversely, if your listing isn’t optimized and gives a poor image, your clients will probably prefer doing business with your competition. Therefore it’s crucial to strengthen and constantly maintain these strategies up to date.

Landing page SEO strategy

An SEO Landing Page is an excellent way to quickly promote a service or product. Remember that landing pages are more efficient when combined with a Google Ads campaign. Any SEO plan by itself needs at least three months to produce results, especially if the website doesn’t have a strong following.

One advantage of having a landing page with an excellent SEO strategy is that it allows you to run ads with Google at a cost-effective price and obtain better results per day than a landing page that isn’t optimized.

Local SEO

The local SEO service is fundamental for any business that wants to boost its products and services in a specific area. More than ever before, most people conduct a preliminary internet search before going to a store or business. However, if your business is located in an excellent area and doesn’t appear locally in the results–your clients will prefer going directly to a company with a local listing and more positive reviews.

Why choose our
Local SEO Company in Ellicott City, Maryland?

We’re the best option because our services are based on studies and strategies, rather than just design. As a result, we can show results and create lasting plans.

Interesting Fact

Many start-ups hire freelancers with web design and programming knowledge to save on their web development projects. However, these two aspects of web development are incredibly different. Not only that, but the content-creation element, which requires experience, is often missing.
Web designers know about web design but understand very little about programming, a skill that is essential for positioning your website. On the other hand, programmers know more about coding than design strategies. An unbalance in web development skills is why so many internet pages look alike, creating problems for a company’s branding and growth.

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Keep in mind that while it may seem very appealing to pay less and obtain a freelancer’s work, the investment tends never to be recovered and can be risky if the freelancer can’t be kept accountable.

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So what is the
best choice?

The best choice is to contract a company specializing in SEO, programming, and web design—a company with professionals in each aspect that makes up Webdesign. The upfront cost will be repaid by the knowledge and experience that comes from having an entire team back your company’s online growth.

Local SEO company in Maryland

We give our clients
Outstanding Results!

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Local SEO company in Maryland

What are the benefits of appearing first on
Google with local SEO techniques

Increased sales

This is the most notable and satisfactory result for any business owner since appearing first in local Google search results increases the chances of converting new clients.


Remember that the first step in a person’s purchase process is investigating the product or service. This person will purchase within weeks or months if they’ve been constantly exposed to your ads. This is why branding is vital. If your clients don’t remember you, they’ll probably forget about you and decide to shop with someone else.

Increase your reach

Once the efforts of local SEO positioning start to give results, you’ll notice a considerable increase in calls. By having an established database of potential clients, you’ll be able to market and get a second chance to convince them that your products or services are superior to your competition– thereby increasing your business sales.

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Our objective is to grow alongside our clients and help boost their businesses

What is SEO, and why is
Local SEO essential?

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION OR SEO , as it’s commonly known, is analyzing different keywords based on how people search in a particular region and implementing them properly throughout your website.

Local SEO is vital for the growth of a business since the whole world isn’t the same when it comes to searching. If we know how our potential clients will look for us, we have a greater chance of appearing as their first results, increasing sales.

Local SEO company in Maryland
Local SEO company in Maryland

Why is SEO

In simpler terms: SEO helps you show up at the top of Google search results.

Successful businesses use monthly SEO plans to keep appearing at the top. This helps them stay ahead of new businesses. But don’t worry!

Google knows that new businesses can be great too and gives them a chance to appear at the top. But this chance won’t last forever. If Google checks your website and finds it’s not SEO optimized, they’ll stop showing you in search results. However, if your website is optimized, you’ll have a better chance of showing up at the top, pay less for ads, and compete with top companies in your field.

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How long does
SEO take?

Unfortunately, the answer to this can vary a great deal depending on factors such as the industry in which you are competing, the amount of content you are showing, how many visits your website receives, among other things. However, on average and based on our experience, our experts can help many businesses appear among the top results on Google in 3 to 6 months, just by focusing on organic SEO strategies.

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Local SEO company in Maryland

What can we expect
of QA Digital if
we start a local SEO strategy?

You can expect to see a complete redesign of your website along with content optimization to help you stand apart from your competition and increase your monthly traffic.

Keep in mind that this work isn’t done by one person alone. We have an entire development team behind your project. Our local SEO optimization projects are handled by a group of 4: a project manager, an SEO expert, a web designer, and a web programmer. This combination ensures we don’t leave any loose ends and always offer quality services at a reasonable price.

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Our Mission

Our team is focused on helping you appear among the top results in Google. To do this, we analyze your competition and note their strengths and weaknesses. This way, we can surpass any publicity effort your competition is using and guarantee that you are the best in your industry with no problem.

Are you ready to show up first in a local Google search?

Local SEO company in Maryland
QA Digital Ads

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