SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your website on all terms. That is content, design, programming, and much more. This optimization is done with the aim of increasing your website’s exposure in search engines. Excellent exposure on search engines means people will find you for the right reasons. Not by accident or misunderstanding but rather because they found what they were looking for on your website. 

To understand what improvements affect the results of search engines, we must understand their main objective:

First, search engines have the task of knowing and understanding all the information that exists on the internet and then offer relevant and authoritative results based on the phrases that users are searching.

Relevance refers to the priority that search engines give to the exact words that a user enters. For example, when a user searches for “Flights to New York,” the purpose of search engines is to display a list of results relevant to the topic of “Flights to New York.”

Many factors are evaluated, including how content is written and how the page was coded. Other factors, such as how your page relates to other websites, can be considered as well.

These elements are part of a giant index that search engines can process in the fraction of a second, using complex algorithms to rank the order and position by the relevance of each phrase a user searches.

Search engines are not only able to read and analyze content on the internet. They can also understand and differentiate it. 

The other factor that influences search engine exposure is authority.

Why is it essential for your website to have authority?

In a global network where anyone can post anything, and countless people upload illegal content; can your website be considered a trusted place for search engines to promote?

One of the most common ways in which search engines determine the authority of a web page or a domain is analyzing if other websites link or reference your site. Factors such as reviews and what people say about you on the internet can be more critical if you are a business or sell products.

You can think of external links as a vote of confidence on the internet. If Company A links your website from theirs. They are practically telling their users that your content is of high quality.

For search engines, finding your link while they are analyzing websites, search trends, and more, helps them rank your website higher in terms of authority. 

However, search engines are smart and make sure this does not become a contest of who has the most links. To prevent this type of abuse, they emphasize the quality and relevance of an external link. 

Note: Buying links to a website is not allowed and could result in your site being removed from the results pages entirely.

In the end, search engines will continuously analyze all this information and give their own votes, increasing the authority of the sites that are most relevant and reliable. 

Understanding that authority and relevance are very important to a search engine will help us improve these factors on our website, leading to increased exposure in search results and visitors.

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