SEO COURSE Part 4: Keywords

Before you can optimize your website, you first need to know what you are optimizing. Usually, the answer is keywords.

Keywords or better understood key phrases are the words you type when searching on Google or any search engine. To make it simpler: let’s say you open Google and search for “coffee near me,” in this case, “coffee near me,” is the keyword. 

A phenomenon that occurs almost always is that since we cannot find what we are looking for, we tend to be more specific when searching for the right words, and that is where we as consumers give all the necessary information to merchants. Search engines measure what you type and see how popular those keywords are and use them to their advantage.

We can think of the most popular ones as the holy grail of optimization.  

If you are already researching this topic, you probably already know this and understand that keywords are an indispensable factor. As a business, we must implement keywords to our websites with the right strategy. Learn more about keywords here: KEYWORDS: What are they?

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