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Creating a website is the first step in building customer loyalty and increasing your sales. However, it is not the last step! Remember that just having a website is NOT MAGIC. There are other companies in your industry, on the internet competing in the same space.


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Create a Google My Business

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Verify your business in Google
My Business

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Share the link of Google
REVIEWS with your customers

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Choose a social network and share your work constantly!

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Register in relevant free

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Work on landing pages

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Reenforce your offline strategy!

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Create a Google My Business

Google prefers to show businesses that are active on the internet, especially if they sign up for a Google My Business account. For this reason, you should register your business with Google. It’s is free! After you sign up, you can upload photos, create a business description, and set your office hours.

Visit this link to get started: Google My Business You only need a Gmail account.
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Verify Your Business With Google My Business

You must verify your Google My Business account after creating it to obtain additional benefits. Head over to the verification page and follow the steps. You will receive a Post Card to your home or office from Google with a verification code inside. Enter this code in your Google My Business account to finish verifying your business!

Share Your GOOGLE REVIEW Link With Your Customers

Having your customers leave a sincere review of your services and products is a crucial part of growing your online presence.

Google Reviews helps with website traffic and will generate more confidence for potential online customers. In other words, it will help you increase your sales!


Reinforce your offline strategy!

Offline means everything not found on the internet, such as advertising flyers, Business Cards and brochures, among others.

It is essential, now that you have an excellent page on the internet, for you to share it as many times as possible. Remember that for your page to appear as a top result; Google must see people visiting it regularly. At first, this can only be achieved with offline strategies and through social networks.


And that you deserve to be at the top

One of the main rules in marketing is to focus on your established customer base. Remember that it is easier to get someone who knows you to buy again or to refer you than it is getting a new client.

What Do You Need To Do?


Make sure all your advertising material is consistent. Consistency means that all your advertising material must have the same colors and logos to help grow your branding.

If you want to learn a little more about branding, click here: What is Branding?


Make sure your advertising material always has a clear communication strategy that reminds your clients to visit your website.

Remember that generating more traffic will help position your website as a top result on search engines.


If you don’t have Business Cards or Flyers, or maybe you want to update your current set. We can help you!
See some of our designs: Business Card Design

Choose a social network for you to constantly share your work!

Remember to not only use social networks to promote your products or services, but also to get closer to your customers and create a better relationship with them.

This strategy may be different for each company, so we advise you to talk to your current clients and ask them what they would like to see from you.

For example, if you are a cleaning company, you could put informative videos of new products that are environmentally friendly. On the other hand, if you are a construction company, you could talk about how you can guide people with permit applications in various areas. This action will resonate with clients since people do not like that part of the construction process!

We invite you to follow us on Instagram and get inspired by our art!

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Register in free and relevant

Depending on the country and city in which you operate, you should register in relevant directories such as YELP. These directories help your website by allowing you to use their online presence to boost yours! The additional traffic you will gain will help Google label your site as relevant. 

Important Note: Remember to review messages by customers on these sites periodically. Also, examine changes in internal policies. If you do not respond to a comment in time or make the requested changes by a new policy. Search engines may determine that you do not pay enough attention to your business and will demote your rank as a result.

Work on landing pages

Landing pages are internal pages within your website that users cannot find unless you share them through advertisements or with a unique link.

You are on a landing page right now! Landing pages serve various purposes.

Such as:

Helping to convey a clear message to a particular target audience.

In this case, we are not looking to reach many people, but we are looking to get closer to our most loyal customers.
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They can be used to measure results in an advertising campaign.

If you want to sell a specific product or service, you can create a landing page 100% focused on this objective and thus making it easier to pinpoint marketing campaign performance.

Landing pages are great for trying different advertising strategies without affecting the image of your website. Example: Imagine that amongst your diverse audience, you have a demographic of people who speak Spanish, but each one has a different culture and upbringing. While they all speak Spanish, you may want to create a unique landing page that caters to each member’s background.
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You must be very smart with what you show on your website as not to upset or offend any of these groups. With landing pages, you can now make three completely personalized advertisements for each of these groups and measure the results individually, making your campaigns more efficient.
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Did You Find Our Advice Useful?

If you have questions, would like us to talk about a specific topic, or want to leave us a comment, you can do so on our social networks!

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