KEY WORDS: What are they?

You’ve probably heard the term “Keywords” or Keywords when they talk about positioning, but not many know what this term refers to or the impact it has on Google and its algorithms. 

Basically, keywords are questions that the user makes to Google and this is responsible for responding in the best way possible. As it does? Showing the most relevant pages in the results of your search engine. For this reason, the use of keywords becomes indispensable if you want to be in the top positions, and as a consequence, be known more and more by more people.

The analysis and search of keywords is not as easy as it seems to be, for this it takes time and maybe money (If we talk about hiring a professional in the field).

Certain pages focus on writing paragraphs full of information, which at the end of the day, do not work, since they use words that are not very popular in searches, and this causes them to lose money and time. For this reason, you need to make a detailed analysis of what you will publish on your website, and find out how users are looking for your product or service. 

This analysis will help you to:

  • Discard Keywords that have few searches
  • Discard the wrong audience 
  • Detect potential keywords that help you position yourself 

So, this leads us to a question: Is it worth hiring keyword management experts? 

To better explain this, we will talk a little more about the subject. Within the search engine positioning there are 2 types of results that Google delivers to the user when using the keyword: Payments (SEM) and organic (SEO). The first 4 will almost always be payments and will be identified by having a green box at the front of the title. The others will be the pages that best fit the keyword the user is looking for. 

Organic positioning is very effective as Google organizes the results that it believes will satisfy the user and will depend essentially on the keywords he uses and in the context in which he uses them. Another important factor is the clicks that people have made on that page or traffic (How popular it is). 

You should also keep in mind that the keywords will not always be obvious, since if for example you own a Peruvian restaurant, you will believe that your keyword is “Peruvian Restaurant”, but consider the number of restaurants with this description that should exist in the web. The task should be given to search well for the words that most identify you as a business, and use them against your competition.

What should you consider about keywords?

The choice of keywords will determine several of the steps you will follow on your website. From the domain, content and link strategy.

For this reason, it is important that you perform the analysis and leave this task to experts in the field. This will bring you better results in less time.

It is also important to keep in mind that when you want to choose the “Phrases” to position, you must use a main theme, because sometimes businesses want to cover a lot of market and write many words, which will not be effective for Google and will not serve nothing.

We suggest that you start by writing down everything you can think of related to your website, something like a brainstorming of words that you think is consistent with your business. If you have doubts about some, it doesn’t matter, write them down, since this step requires everything you can think of.

After this start debugging. Put aside words that you think are less strong and not so relevant, this will help you have fewer words and more accurate.

Following this you should analyze the words of your competition. Search Google how you would look for your product or service and look carefully at the web pages that appear. This may cause you to expand your list again, but get closer to the ultimate goal.

Once you have this list, check again and debug. Take out all those terms that don’t work or create 3 or 4 word phrases that identify your business. 

When you have this list ready, you can contact the experts and show them a breakthrough. This will facilitate the search for keywords and will be a much faster and more successful job.

We are QA Digital Ads, experts in design, creation, programming and web positioning. If you need advice on Keywords we can help you. Contact us at 240-521-8700.

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