How to restructure advertising campaigns during a crisis

It’s no secret to anyone that we are currently going through a crisis worldwide that has slowed down the global economy. The pandemic has directly or indirectly damaged sectors that are not considered vital. Governments have been forced to close their borders, minimize the flow of people on the streets, and take extreme health protection measures. These procedures have halted almost all business transactions. 

However, if you are an entrepreneur, the first advice we want to pass on to you is: DO NOT GIVE UP! Many think that in times of crisis, you have to give up hope and stop working, when, on the contrary, it is time to reactivate the business even more with new strategies that adapt to the situation.

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The first thing you should do is restructure your company’s advertising campaigns. Do not stop doing online campaigns because customers are not consuming your product or service. ADAPT them to the crisis and turn them into a new opportunity.

Example: If you have a cleaning company, and usually make home visits, adapt your campaign! Update your advertisement, letting your clients know you will take the appropriate measures to accommodate for any health concerns! This change shows the world that your business is actively changing and cultivates confidence for customers!  

Another way to adapt your marketing strategy during a crisis is to let the public know you are still active! Although you will not be able to attend to customers in-store during regular operating hours, you will always be able to maintain contact with them online! Maybe implement appointment only visits. Take this opportunity to answer any questions your customers may have regarding safety during their visits, and much more! 

Don’t let fear take hold of you! Restructure your business during times of crisis. We care about you and your company; for this reason, we will bring you these informative mini-blogs that will help you make decisions during this pandemic. 

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Contact us if you need help with any of these steps, and we will gladly assist you.

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