How to Get My Google Ads Account Verified: A Comprehensive Guide

In a world where online advertising is becoming increasingly important, ensuring that your ad campaigns are as transparent as possible is crucial. As the premier online advertising platform, Google has rolled out a program designed to increase transparency: The Advertiser Verification Program. But what is this program, and how does it benefit you as an advertiser? In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into Google’s Advertiser Verification Program and walk you through how to verify your Google Ads account. 

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Understanding Google Ads Verification Purpose

Google’s Advertiser Verification Program was introduced with a straightforward goal: to ensure that the information provided by advertisers is authentic and accurate. This promotes trust and transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem, creating a safer environment for users and advertisers alike. It ensures that every ad that appears on Google’s platforms is backed by a verified entity, reducing the chances of deceptive or malicious advertisements.

Verification Process

The verification process requires advertisers to provide detailed information about their business. This includes submitting personal identification, business incorporation documents, or other forms of proof to validate their identity and the country in which they operate. Google reviews this information thoroughly to ensure it complies with its advertising policies. 

This process allows Google to maintain a high standard of transparency in its ad ecosystem by making sure that all advertisers are who they claim to be. It adds an extra layer of security that helps to limit potential misuse of the platform by malicious actors, thus promoting a healthy digital advertising ecosystem.

Notification and Deadline: What You Need to Know

Advertisers selected for the verification program will receive an email and an in-account notification from Google. Once notified, advertisers have 30 days to complete the verification process. Failing to verify your identity within this period may result in account restrictions or even pausing of your ad campaigns. Therefore, prompt action is recommended.

How Information is Used

The information gathered during the verification process is used to increase transparency and trust in the advertising ecosystem. This information is used to generate ad disclosures and verify an advertiser’s identity. However, personal contact information submitted during verification remains confidential and is not disclosed to the public.

Staying Up-to-date: Updates and Changes

Google’s verification process and its requirements may evolve over time. Therefore, advertisers need to stay up-to-date by regularly checking Google’s official resources. Staying informed can ensure you maintain compliance and continue to leverage the benefits of the Google Ads platform effectively.

Getting Help: Agency Assistance

While the verification process is straightforward, some businesses might find it challenging. If you need help navigating the Google Ads platform or require assistance with the verification process, professional help or agency assistance is available. This can make the process smoother and more efficient, ensuring that your ads run without any hiccups.

If you need assistance in Maryland, please call us at 240-593-6567 or just follow the step by step guide in this blog.

Step-by-step Guide to Verify Your Business on Google Ads

To make the verification process easier, we’ve created a step-by-step guide that includes helpful images to walk you through each stage. From signing into your Google Ads account to submitting the required verification information, the guide is designed to simplify the process and answer any questions you may have.

1 – Go to the icon and enter the email that Google Ads has on your account.

Go to the icon and enter the email that Google Ads has on your account | QA Digital Ads

2 – Search for Google ADS on Google and click on the official Google ADS page.

Search for Google ADS on Google and click on the official Google ADS page | QA Digital Ads

3 – Sign in again if you do not immediately enter your account. Note: Make sure you are logged in with the correct account. Your photo or the icon of your correct email account should appear on the right side.

4 – Your Google Ads account may look different from the one on the screen. However, you will find a message that says you need to verify your account. Click on Fix it.

5 – Click the start verification button

How to Get My Google Ads Account Verified A Comprehensive Guide | QA Digital Ads

6 – Answer the questions they ask and upload the information they request.

  • They usually ask if you are a marketing agency. The answer is no. (This step has no photo)
  • Who they want to verify: Yourself
  • Do you advertise your own products? Yes!
  • Select the industry that is closest to what you do.

7 – Now, a new screen should appear for you to verify your identity. You usually need to upload a letter from the IRS with your EIN Number and driver’s license front and back. The photos must be of good quality.

How to Get My Google Ads Account Verified A Comprehensive Guide 2 | QA Digital Ads

Keep following the steps 🙂 


The importance of transparency in online advertising cannot be overstated. Google’s Advertiser Verification Program establishes trust and transparency, promoting a healthier digital ad ecosystem. Not only does it benefit advertisers by safeguarding their authenticity, but it also empowers users by providing clear information about the advertiser.

Are you ready to verify your Google Ads account and experience a more trustworthy and transparent online advertising journey? 

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