Emergency Digital Services

Amidst COVID-19

Single Page

(Completion: 5 days)

We create a single page in 5 days that meet the needs of your business. Show your most vital services and include the most important messages to your customers.

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We recommend this service for any business that does not have a website yet and need to start developing a digital strategy.


Landing Page

(Completion: 5 days)

We create a landing page so that you can convey a clear message to all your current customers about your industry or specific service!

Who needs this service?pestaña-globo-02

We recommend landing pages for companies that already have a website and need to quickly display new services, messages, or launch new advertising strategies that allow them to measure their marketing efforts effectively.

Advertising with Google

We Help You Show Up On The Internet

If your business depends on pedestrian traffic and you have been forced to shut your doors due to the coronavirus. We can help you open your doors on the internet today!

Now more than ever, it is critical that you maintain constant communication with your clients and have the ability to offer your services online.


Free Resources

If you do not have an internet presence right now and your business is being affected by the coronavirus, you must start taking action today to keep your business afloat. 

Here are some videos, publications, and steps that you can follow, for free, right now! You just need to invest your time!

Basic steps

Basic steps to establish an internet presence for free:


Post your business on Google My Business


Create a Fan Page on Facebook


Create a business account on Instagram


Call all your current clients and ask them how you can help them!

Create a Community

Remember that your clients are likely in the same situation, and they will need your collaboration. Giving discounts and, if possible, helping your community by providing some services for free are great ways of collaborating. Keep in mind that if your customers fail, you will most certainly be affected as well.

Focus your efforts on finishing all pending projects. If you have overdue work, you must complete and deliver them so that your clients can implement them as soon as possible. The faster they can use your product or service, the faster they will be able to generate new income to repeat the cycle!

Start making videos and posting them on social media. Answer frequently asked questions, give tips or insights into your products and services. Reach out to your target audience or make new strategic allies through social networks. Do not get hung up on the video quality of these videos. The most important thing is that the message is clear and relevant.

Participate in groups that are from the same industry. You can share your expertise and experience to help others and vice versa. Our advice is to help them overcome these obstacles, and in return, you will gain brand recognition, which will be very useful once this situation is over.



Here are some related videos and tutorials that can help you through these times.



Here we leave some relevant and informative blogs that can help you.

Channel for questions, answers, and collaborations

Hello! Please leave us your questions and concerns through the comments section of our YouTube channel, and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

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