10 tips for selling on social networks

Both the internet and social media have a significant impact on the purchase decisions of the general public. It is easier to propose actions that lead the user to buy using social media than using strategies for a physical market. For this reason, we want you to learn 10 tips that will help you increase your sales using social media:

1- Have a social media presence. It seems obvious, but in reality, “Being on social media” is not the same as “Having a social media presence.” The latter refers to having a constant flow of content on any social media platform. In this way, people will be able to interact and get to know a little more about the brand.

2- Generate value. It is not just about selling, but also providing the public with valuable content that makes them get out of their routine while interacting with your brand. You can create business-like content without neglecting your brand’s purpose.

3- Offer testimonies. Client testimonies are a vital element in the purchasing decision of new users, or to promote a recurring consumer. The experience of another buyer is a more reliable source for a new client than what the brand can communicate in its advertising. There are different ways of showing reviews, depending on the social media platform you are on. On Instagram, you will be able to upload screenshots of your satisfied customers, Facebook has scores according to the service provided, and the same with YouTube. You could even integrate them on your website. 

4- Upload good images. A good image will speak more than a thousand words; for this reason, we recommend having sharp and creative photographic material. The first impression is very important, and it is not a lie that “everything enters through the eyes,” so invest in your equipment if necessary.

5- Use Videos. A video gives dynamism to the purchase and can incentivize the customer much faster. These don’t need to be over produced-with a good camera and suitable content you will achieve excellent results.

6- Encourage network traffic. Interacting with users is very important. Use hashtags or positioning strategies like featured stories or contests that spark people’s interest for them to follow you.

7- Integrate Offline actions with Online actions. You can integrate traditional offline advertising strategies for the internet, such as package creation, campaigns, and more with social media- showing a more human side of the brand.

8- Customer service. Provide excellent customer service, as this will be the starting point for your new customers to feel comfortable and finish the sale and eventually come back.

9- Quick Response Time. There is nothing more annoying than a late response, which, on several occasions, can generate a loss of interest for a client. A person expects to be attended to be able to make decisions and purchases quickly. Never neglect your audience.

10- Integrate the website with multiple social media platforms. Each social network has its plugins, which allow integration with your website—making the user experience available on all channels facilitates sales. 

Finally, remember that social media is continuously evolving and innovating with new features and applications. Keep this constant innovation in mind when creating content to provide your clients with everything they are looking for in a fast and effective way.

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